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Distance to Empty MPG is inaccurate

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Good Day All.
I just recently put in a new battery in my 2016 Mazda CX3. Everything is working great, but I notice that my Distance to Empty MPG keeps jumping all over the place. Sometimes it goes down and sometimes it goes back up. Why would this be happening after I put in a new battery? (It was working just fine before I replaced the battery). Is there a reset button or process that needs to be done? I topped off my car today and it says that I have 460 miles until I hit empty, which is completely false. Prior to to this, when I topped off my tank the highest I would get was like 315-320.
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Calculation based number, so its 'theoretical'.
Uses the current fuel consumption (instant) and the average fuel consumption, then the volume of fuel in the tank, all these used to calculate distance to empty.
I reset the calculation numbers everytime I fill up, press and hold the little stick thing (trip meter control), this resets the Trip A or Trip B depends which is displayed at the time.
Also works by pressing and holding the middle of the info button (has a little bump between the up and down arrows), resets all the info.
Mine for example:
3 quarter full tank, average consumption (5.6L/100km), instant fuel consumption 6L = Distance to empty 493km.

FYI, the distance will change when any of the other values change. Example if you drove 80km/h for 2 days in the week, then on the third day 100km/h, distance to empty would drop proportionately.
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