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Ok, I know this isn't a direct comparison, but I felt like sharing what I posted in the Golf R forum;

Finally! Details released on the Mazda CX3!! A less sporty, but more practical and HEAVIER LOADED OPTIONS to the R (and far cheaper)

Before I learned about the 2015 Golf R and pre-order my eyes were fixed on the new Mazda CX3.
Don't get me wrong, I love my R and for me, this is clearly the better choice. The CX3 was always intended to be my wife's car for its practicality.

Still, I couldn't help but notice....
1) For $28,575.62 USD you get a WHOLE LOT MORE (a bit less power)

What they have the same in;
-Advanced AWD system []
-LED daytime lights
-Auto on/off lights
-Climate control
-Rain sensing wipers
-Sport mode (not nearly as advanced as premium Golf R's, but there is an button to change the powertrain to be more sporty)

Additional options included with CX-3 but not R;
-LED fog lamps
-LED head lamps
-Power sliding and tilt glass sunroof
-LED tail lamps
-Active Driving Display (HUD) [Found in newer top luxury cars]
-Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring (ABSM)
-Advanced keyless entry (WITH REMOTE START)
-High beam control (HBC) [automatically switches between high/low beam when there's other cars]
-Lane Departure Warning (LDW) [makes a noise when your slowly veering out of your lane... not as good as other luxury "assist" options which actually keep you in the lane, but its something]
-Rear cross traffic alert (RCTA) [this is awesome, because the back-up camera doesn't catch cars you cant see coming up behind you, these better sensors warn you]
-More and more advanced parking sensors
-7" display
-Hill launch assist
-Smart city brake support [car brakes for you if someone stops suddenly or a pedestrian jumps in front of you]
-2,500 lbs towing capacity
-35.2 mpg average (that's city and highway, and that's w/ AWD) [I have 1,000 miles driving softly in comfort mode and I'm at 19.6 ave MPG in the R]
-Adjustable trunk levels
-Full size spare

plus there is a "Kuroi Sports Pack which really enhances the styling to be sporty yet classy;

Again, and I stress this... not the sports car the Golf R is.... but I find it interesting they give SOOO many features, for SOOO much less $$$
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