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Hello there guys! Ashwin from Oman. Got the Mazda CX3 2017 in April. The luxury trim that's the top spec here in the arabian gulf. Pretty good features and tech: The Bose audio system, LED adaptive headlamps, 18 inch gunmetal alloys, leather seats with suede inserts, adaptive cruise control, smart braking system, lane keep assist. What I really wish I had is the sunroof that's missing in the Luxury trim in this region. Wanted to infact get a Mazda 6 when i visited the dealer but the aggressive styling of the CX3 was too hard to resist despite the sales guy's suggestion to get the 6. The 6 comfort trim (base model) cost 2000$ lesser than the fully loaded CX3 so it was features and design for me over practicality. What do you guys think? Was it a good choice to make? Really love the CX3 in the last two months that I've driven it but sometimes I feel I really lack that space in the interior.

I've done 4000 kms already in the last two months however i also notice the sport mode isn't as engaging as it used to be during the first 1000 kms. Is that something I need to check with the dealer? Anyone experiencing something on those lines?


Proud CX3 owner. :D


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