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Hi All,

I'm looking for the info regarding the service of the CX-3. Service plan is coming to an end, so looking into getting a third party or extend the plan. But I'd like to know whats going to be done at each before getting quotes.

Meaning what is serviced/done at each service milestone (15,30,45,60, 75, 90 thousand km).

Kind of like how most of the other brands have that service book that the dealer stamps when serviced, but also has the parts that are checked/replaced/serviced as manufacturer recommends.
I've seen the info in the car manual, but I have no clue which region I fall under. All I know for sure is that the service intervals are at 15 000km/1 year (which ever comes first).
Right hand drive, Sky-active 2.0 Dynamic, South Africa.

So no, I'm not looking for the workshop service manual.

Any insight is appreciated.
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