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I helped my in-laws get into a 2016 CX-3 earlier this year and it's been a great car, so of course on their first long car trip on vacation, they're almost at their destination and the car starts bucking. Gas station attendant pulls code for "Fuel Rail Pressure," and that's all I could get out of them (wish I had the exact code). They had about 1/8 tank of fuel. Looking online, could be a serious issue and people recommend don't drive the car (could be sensor and/or fuel pump).

I told them fill the car up (ran into a similar issue with an old Saab), and the car has been behaving since then, but they're a bit rattled. It's a CPO, so anything they find should be covered, but the closest dealer is 100 or so miles south in Concord, NH. I'm having them call Mazda roadside, but I would imagine they're just a tow service and won't be able to assist any further than that?. Anyone know if they'd tow the car 100 miles south? I'm inclined to tell them to rent a car for their week of vacation, have the dealer in Concord go over the car, and then drive the rental to the dealer at the end of their vacation to pick up their (hopefully fixed) car.

Thoughts? Seems this might be a somewhat common issue from what I'm reading? Car only has about 30K miles on it. They were in a Toyota before this that went 200K miles without any breakdowns so of course I'm going to hear about that now, most likely.

Thanks for any ideas/assistance.
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