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Euro NCAP just published the results of their recently crashed Mazda CX-3.

Euro NCAP Testing is as follows:

  • Small Overlap Test: 40% frontal impact at 64 km/h into a deformable barrier
  • Full Width Test: 100% frontal impact at 50 km/h into a rigid barrier
  • The Side Impact Test: A mobile defformable barrier is catapulted into the drivers door at 50 km/h
  • The Pole Test: The car is propelled sideways at 32 km/h into a rigid pole

The CX-3 emerges with 4/5 stars. An 85% rating for Adult Occupants and 79% for Child Occupants. Euro NCAP said that what held the CX-3 back from 5/5 was a lack of standard autonomous emergency braking, although it is offered as an option. You can view the results PDF here.
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