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Which color would you pick? (Feel free to choose more than one)

  • Ceramic Metallic

    Votes: 36 22.2%
  • Soul Red Metallic

    Votes: 41 25.3%
  • Crystal White Pearl Mica

    Votes: 26 16.0%
  • Jet Black Mica

    Votes: 15 9.3%
  • Meteor Gray Mica

    Votes: 25 15.4%
  • Deep Crystal Blue Mica

    Votes: 32 19.8%
  • Titanium Flash Mica

    Votes: 16 9.9%
  • Dynamic Blue Mica

    Votes: 28 17.3%
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Here are the colors available in Japan. If we get the same which is your favorite?

Ceramic Metallic

Soul Red Metallic

Crystal White Pearl Mica

Jet Black Mica

Meteor Gray Mica

Deep Crystal Blue Mica

Titanium Flash Mica

Dynamic Blue Mica

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don't forget these are color options for japan
for all we know 1/2 of these are what might be in what ever market you guys are in, along with some other colors we might not have seen as yet.
good point
looking at what your market already gets on other models is another good way to see what else might be available.
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