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2018 CX-3 SkyActiv-G 120 GT-M
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Hi guys,

Recently I noticed something strange: on the Active Driving Display HUD, when you have the (radar) cruise control pinned down on a three digit speed, for example the "120" in my example below, the top left portion of the third digit (the "0" in the picture) is somewhat blurred/missing.
In person it's a grayish color, it looks a bit brownish in the picture, and I really don't remember if it was like this from the start, or if it's supposed to be like that.

The thing is, that when another vehicle approaches from the right, the "radar wave" icon from the passenger-side blind spot detection overlaps that very third digit on exact that same spot.
So, perhaps it's supposed to be like that, or am I dealing with e.g. a dust particle exactly there?

Would be greatly appreciated if someone could check on his/hers.


Many thanks in advance!

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