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2017 Mazda CX-3 2.0L 120HP Manual
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I've seen a couple posts about aftermarket lights and ways to mount them, so I would like to share my story if anyone is interested. I've had a bullbar cut to size and powder coated black to fit the car, aswell as sidebars custom made to size and powder coated black. On the bullbar are mounted 4x 7'' 60W Seeker, and a 140W LEDSON Nova 30'' Curved LED Bar hidden in the grill under the lisence plate. Along with that I got some LED DRL's along the mist lights, instead of the silver cover, but they weren't the best quality and are slowely but surely dying, so I can't recommend them even if they look somewhat cool.

All 5 auxiliary lights are connected straight to the normal 12V battery and I've had no problems with this setup for ~20.000km / 6 months. The tecnical test is a thing, thats why I had fuses placed in beween pairs of lights (a fuse for Seeker 1 & 2, a fuse for Seeker 3 & 4, a fuse for the LED bar, and a fuse for the DRL's). The bullbar comes off with 3 nuts, 2 underneath the car, and 1 through the grill.

In case anyone is interested, I'd love to answer some questions and send some more technical pictures.
Any advice or tips are always welcome!

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