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If you have neighbours, chances are that one of them is cutting the lawn and lucky you is getting lawn cuttings and dirt all over your beautifull CX3.

The best way to remove the debri is to deploy your own leaf blower or a wet vac on blow cycle.

The third way ar a California Duster the one that i have bee using for years
if you have waxed your vehicle recently the Grass cutting etc will glide off.

Go to WWW. California duster, the duster works very well, even when i return home in the car I go through the motions using the duster.

The secret to long life is never sit down.


It is absolutely important that you find the sweet spot driving position, take your time adjusting the drivers seat, as Mazda wants you to be at one with your CX3
that can be achieved in conjunction with the steering wheel adjustment function. I have found a layed back position is not what i think Mazda , i beleivewants a more up right position as you need to see the speed on the pop up screen which by the way is hight adjustable.

One very important point to remenber is not to cramp yourself up against the steering wheel, as you need flexability of motion, your knees should be just clear on the steering column,
you must for safety reasons maintain an posative body position to be able to effectively apply / slam on the brakes in in an emergency, that being the #1 criteria, personal comfort comes in at #2 .

Drive safe.

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Interesting bit about the California duster. I have two: a large one in the garage that is easy to reach and a smaller one in the car that is labeled a Dashboard Duster. This latter one is really handy for me. Because I live on a rural gravel road that raises dust constantly, I use it to sweep away dust from the back window and hatch every time I use the car. When I leave the gravel surface and go on to a paved surface I will pull over and sweep away an accumulation of crap that has built up on that drive alone. As for the large sized one, I do an all-vehicle wipe every so often making sure to shake the gritty stuff out of the duster before it touches the car.

But I have to admit it is not for fussy people who must have their cars glassy and mirror-like all day every day.
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