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Bold Ride has plenty of nice things to say about the CX-3, they even say that this Mazda is "more important than the Miata." The driving experience is described as "dynamic" and drivers behind the wheel feel "extreme confidence."

It also got high marks in the design department.

Unlike its competitors, the CX-3 isn’t overly styled. It’s a signature Mazda design, paired with typical CUV lines in a very sophisticated, grown up way. In a crowded parking lot, 90% of the time it’s one the most appealing cars around.

Beautiful design
Superb driving feel
Best infotainment system around


Lane departure system isn’t perfect
Lacking Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
Forget the Miata,The CX-3 is the Best Mazda on Sale Right Now: Review

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Their price as tested for a FWD is $28,440? Thats weird. My i-Activesense AWD GT was $29,040. Wonder why theirs was so expensive.

And "the added space of a CUV"? It has less space than a 3 hatch. Terrible read.
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