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I have a question concerning automatic headlights/rain wipers. In EU, this feature comes with LED headlights, but it looks like in US it is available already in mid-trim with halogen bulbs, can somebody confirm it?
In my model, I do not have this feature, but somehow I have already installed and prewired light/rain sensor from factory, and I do not know how to activate it. Changing stalks and simple trial to reprogram it in Forscan didn’t work. Has somebody tried to add this feature?
If not, could somebody with auto headlights tell me what is the number of dcdc ig1 relay in fuse box? It looks like this relay may be responsible as well for it, and I saw there are two types of them. Thus, I don’t know if these two types are related to different functionalities or just different model years (it costs 50 dollars, and I do not want to pay for it just for fun).
Thanks for your help and for your ideas, maybe you have any information on it.
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