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Another positive review

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Another strong review that reinforces my hope this will be quieter than the other car I'm looking at , the 3

First Drive: 2016 Mazda CX-3 | Driving
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I really liked this quote

What Mazda has done here is build a Protege5 for today. You remember that car, of course, a zippy little hatchback that was low on power but high on fun; all the rev-the-nuts-off-it spirit of a Miata except with a hatchback to bung your hockey bag in. Like the old GLC, the P5 was a Great Little Car, but unlike the GLC, it was actually quick.
my older brother used to have a protege5 and I have fond memories of it growing up. He used to curse how slow it was but god did he drive the piss out of it...
Being someone looking for a fun enough ride on tap while getting the MPG's I want when i can stay tame, the following sure helps to see that:

It’s a little less punch than the same engine makes in the Mazda3, thanks to a more restrictive exhaust routing required by the CX-3’s compact footprint. Still, it’s responsive, and it’s my experience with other Mazda products that their high-compression engines, specially shaped pistons, multi-point direct injection, and all that other voodoo the engineers love to shovel in your ears about simply works. It works. Drive the CX-3 gently and it doesn’t hit you in the pocketbook. Hammer the bejesus out of the throttle and it’s still pretty decent.
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