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Message to A-D-M-I-N

You'll like it even better soon because we are having a new section where all the HINTS AND TIPS that various members have posted are UNDER ONE SECTION where you can easily find them. I'll also compile all the pdf's necessary for routine servicing and and common jobs like changing pads and rotors etc. We'll have the best source for information in the world.

Now, it sounds like cx3admin is "just not listening" and setting that up (or at least allow their moderators to do so).

So, come on guys (ADMIN) please allow this to happen (or, at least explain why not)? After all, we all want this forum to be the best it can be (don't we)?

Of course maybe only a few of us are interested in having a section like this set up. If I'm wrong (and I hope I'm not) how about other FORUM MEMBERS letting ADMIN know how you feel.
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