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Alternate Fog Light

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Is there a way I can install an alternate foglight on the Cx3? It would costs C$500 for thestock foglight (labour inclusive) whereas there're bigger, brighter and better fog lights which are only less than half of that. TIA
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Oh! Somewhere I have firsthand experience!!!!!

I installed mine for less than $200 USD DIY, with aftermarket foglights in factory style housings, and a factory switch and relay.

I have auto headlights and paid $50 for part number TK51-66-122A for a new stalk. The stalk is SUPER easy to install and I can provide more details if you'd like.
The relay is part #D09W-67-730 and cost $16.
The lights I got are from a company called "Winjet". They're available on Amazon for about $91. Part # is WJ30-0601C-09. They're the only ones I found that have OEM style connectors on them. They come with an aftermarket generic harness but will still connect to the OEM wiring that is ALREADY INSTALLED!!! The wires are clipped to the inside of the bumper cover.

The install was easy on the driver's side but a bit of a PITA on the passenger side because the bottom of one of the tanks (I think coolant) is right behind where the light goes. If you have a small 90 degree ratcheting screwdriver it'll make your life much easier.

I had everything done in about an hour and they look stock. They definitely light up the sides of the road a little better, and they look bad ass. Will provide pictures shortly. NOTE: There is a down side - they do cause some interference with the FM radio. Haven't figured out a way around that yet but I've got some ferrite beads on order to try.

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If its for looks and just wanting lights I cant see why anyone would go through the entire oem route since taking things apart throughout the way has a higher chance of scratching denting or damaging something in the process.
Says the guy who gutted his suspension twice :)

It's almost impossible to screw up this install, fortunately. The top of the steering column pops off with zero effort, the bottom is three screws, and then one screw and a clip to remove the stalk. To pop the fog light placeholder assembly that's in there out is 3 screws per side and it comes out with very little pressure from inside the bumper cover. I rolled up on a few rhino ramps and was able to access everything through the flexible plastic covers at the front corners on the bottom of the bumper. They're basically made to bend out of the way after you remove the clips holding them in place.
Thanks... exactly on my questions...

Wiring exist as per my attachment.
Need stalker, no need programming.

Bad news this is the expensive kit. Thanks for links and prices. In Europe are bit higher...

For the smartass guys... decorative covers has a tendency to break and are hard to find... mine are broken with missing parts...

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Where are you? I have the takeoff covers and parts from my 2019, I wonder what it'd cost to ship them to you.
Since I just referred someone to this thread, I thought I'd mention - two ferrite beads on each fog harness took care of the FM static.

Have few questions to those that already got one of the two type of sets.

OEM style set with Stalk WITHOUT AUTO
1) Does Auto day running lights works?
2) Does Auto (low light) night lights work?

Alternative style with wiring harness and no stalk
1) Can you upload connection instruction received with kit?
2) Is it possible to connect in such a way, so fog lights not activate when auto day/night running lights start? And get activated only by shifting stalk from auto to low beams.
I have automatic headlights. If you currently have automatic headlights (the ones that turn on when it gets dark), get the stalk WITH AUTO. If you get the wrong stalk your automatic headlights probably won't work anymore.

My daytime running lights still work fine. The daytime running lights are independent of the AUTO setting, they're enabled/disabled in the computer.

The kit did not come with instructions. The style of fog light that I got connects directly to the factory harness and did not require any additional wiring. The stalk is held in by a screw and a clip, the entire thing comes out as one piece.

The fog lights do not come on with the daytime running lights. They do come on automatically at night when the headlights come on if I have the fog light switch turned on. The fog light switch is the inner ring on the stalk. You can leave the fog switch off and they won't come on automatically at night until you turn them on, but you can't make them independent of the auto vs low beams.
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Gentlemen, gentlemen. For those of you beating yourselves up with changing OEM light switches or adding new switches in order to operate auxiliary lamps - save yourself the hassle and get yourself a remote control unit. You do all the necessary wiring under the hood, and connect the lamps through the remote control box. The lamps are controlled with the remote unit you have in the cabin of the car - just like the one you use to open and close your garage door. No finding a place to mount a new switch, or changing the existing headlamp switch, no drilling holes and fishing wires thru the firewall. Those living in Canada can find such units at either Princess Auto stores or JB’S Power Centres, for about $50. I’m sure other automotive centres also market the units. Life - and summer - is too short to do things the hard way....
I think you overestimate the difficulty of a factory style install. There's no wiring at all involved - the wiring is already there - and the factory switch is modular (just pops right out and then the new one slides in).
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