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Hello everyone,

Recently I noticed that on the third digit of the set cruise control speed on the Active Driving Display (so you need to have a speed of three digits set, e.g. 120 km/h in the picture below), there is something that I can only best describe as an "interruption" in the top left corner of said character.
It's really hard to capture on camera, it looks brownish on the photo, but it's more of a light gray in reality.

So, the question is: is this normal, or is there perhaps some dust on that exact spot on the HUD projector or something?

It might actually be the way it's supposed to be (-might), since I also noticed that the passenger-side "wave" symbol of the right-side vehicle radar detection overlaps at exactly that spot on the third digit, when it's there.
But at the same time, I haven't noticed the "interruption" before. So... any thoughts?
How's this going on yours?

Many thanks in advance!
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