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Hi there.

I am a current 2015 Lincoln MKZ owner. I am 5'7" 130lbs (Well, I thank for my Asian gene. lol)

I just test drove 2016 Mazda CX-3 Touring at a local dealership today. I just need an affordable yet reliable AWD crossover or SUV. I do NOT have any plan to trade-in my current Lincoln MKZ 'cause it is my 'exhibit' car. lol I am joking.

Since one of my family members retired from Ford, so I could get Ford Employee discount plans for Ford(Z-Plan), Lincoln(Z-Plan) and Mazda(S-Plan).

However, I saw hundreds of reviewers complained about 2016 Mazda CX-3's rear seats space. So I didn't even give it a chance for test drive.

I went to a Honda and checked HR-V and CR-V few days ago. YES!!! Tons of rear seats space. BUT, the worst part is their back of the seats' angles are VERY VERY VERY UNACCEPTABLY uncomfortable, when they were not reclined they were way too upright, and when they were reclined way too toward back. PLUS, their headrests were, for goodness' sake!, I really want to ask 'why?' to those who designed them. I can say their rear seats don't have any cushions either.

Luckily, 2 days ago, IIHS released 2016 Honda HR-V's crash test result! It got POOR on side structure and cage.

Farewell, Honda HR-V from the Mexico plant!

Today, I went to a Mazda dealership, well, as long as I can get S-plan discount, nothing to lose. You can tell I am very cheap. lol

When I looked at it, I though it was not a crossover but a hatchback. I was slightly disappointed. But I consoled myself with the fact that it looked like Infinity FX and MINI Countryman's ground clearance is also 6.3(0.2 higher than CX-3).

When I had a seat front, it was a different story! I was VERY surprised that CX-3 front seats were way more comfortable than my 2015 Lincoln MKZ's 10-way power seats. The leatherette was very very soft and cushy yet firm and the BEST part was its headrest!!!!!!! it was contoured. Its 6-way Manual seats were more comfortable than my 10-way power.

Let's talk about its rear seats. Front was set to my sitting position, and again, I am 5'7", 130lbs Asian male. I can tell its rear leg room could be tight for taller and bigger people. BUT, the Rear seats are raised than front seats like theaters' and they were as comfortable as front seats. Not too upright nor leaning, very soft and cushy yet firm.

Well, these are my experience with CX-3 today.
My conclusion? I am getting one. lol

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Kids are grown and the rear seats have been up once in three months... to clean the floor. The seats are more suited for children than adults.
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