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OK, I can see an expense coming my way as I near the end of my warranty.
I have a 2016 CX-3 Sport bought in November of 2015. This means that I will be out of warranty as of November of this year. I bought the car used in August of 2017 and the A/C worked fantastic up until the Oct 2017 time period. I may have even used it a few times in the winter to dry the air of snow moisture.
On May 2nd I went to pick up a Sub sandwich and it was warm enough to use the A/C. It seemed to work, but it might have been the cooler air from outside as apposed to the A/C...not sure.
A day later I went on a trip and I had absolutely no A/C.

Usually when I turn the A/C on there is a bit of energy loss from the engine as the compressor turns on. I was not noticing this. When I got to mi destination I checked both the A/C fuse and the A/C relay...both were OK. After returning home I used a pressure gauge made for testing and adding coolant. There was zero pressure. There are two access points to thye A/C lines...a High (H) which was a grey cap with the letter "H" on it, located towards the front-left of the car. the other cap was black, but did lot have the letter "L" on it. This was located to the rear left of the engine. I am pretty sure I have the right valve as I can trace back the line to the same device(compressor) as the "H" line.

(See Images)

Bottom line, how do I approach this warranty repair with respect to the service Dept. I envision them just adding A/C coolant and sending it back to me, only to run out some months later when the car is Out-Of-Warranty??

IMO, it coolant diminishes to zero in less than three years, then there most certainly is a problem as adding coolant absolutely does not solve the problem.


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This is a known issue. Check this thread:

There is a link to the TSB for the A/C repair. I would print that out and go to your local dealer. Have it documented and have them attempt to repair it. My A/C was very weak last year, but the dealer found a leak at the expansion valve, not the evaporator. Again, the A/C is a known issue so the dealers seem to take care of it pretty well.
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