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My wife and I just concluded a 3100 mile trip in our CX. Started in Nevada went to California through Oregon to Washington State. Then to Idaho and Kalispell Montana and finally headed home. Saw kids, grandkids and great grandkids!!!

Anyway the Mazda did fine, the only problems were a nail in a tire in Montana (Discount Tire fixed it for free) and we ran out of washer fluid several times due to bugs. Average fuel economy was close to 33 MPG. High of 35 and a low of 27 (in Seattle area). I don't feel that is bad at all for the AWD car. Our CX had 27K on it when Discount helped us out they said that the front tires had 7/32nds and the rear tires had 8/32nds on them. Starting at 10/32nds they said we were doing very well on wear. Damn I was hoping I could replace them as they are noisy LOL. Oh well, they handled loads of rain and even a bit of snow on the trip quite well!

We stopped at Goode Motors in Twin Falls, Idaho on the way home because we needed a oil change badly. They squeezed us in and refilled our wiper fluid yet again LOL. Friendly dealership.

The picture below is Stokes Castle on US Highway 50 in Nevada (The loneliest road in America)


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