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Hi all,
I'm pleased to join the forum, this is my first post. I took the car in for the 6-month service last Friday, (4000 miles driven)
so I had some time to know the vehicle a little
The things I noticed since I got it, the tires, as set by the dealer (twice) seemed wrong, relatively gentle curves
on the dual carriageway doing about 55 mph, seemed to understeer with a sensation that the tires were losing their shape.
Tire pressures when warm were about 35 in the front - a little low.

At the service last week the tires were rotated. I haven't checked the pressures but it seems better

I have a couple of things from the service that I haven't resolved yet. The service guy tells me the brake fluid is dirty
and needs to be changed and/or flushed out. My question to the dealer, where I purchased this certified used car,
if it's that bad, shouldn't this have been done prior to them selling the vehicle? I thought that's what certified meant -
all these small things should be taken care of.

Secondly, I could have sworn there was a light in the glove box? Opened last night, it's dark now.

Thirdly, I had the dealer update the software on the sound system, I mentioned it would occasionally hang playing
songs from the phone via Bluetooth. The title appeared in the window but no music played.
When this occurred the only solution I found was to actually turn off the whole car and restart, then the sound system
would work again. (is there really no other way to turn this unit off? That seems odd).

They're also recommending the fuel system flush. They have the service records, it has not been done, 25k miles
on the clock. Thoughts?

Thanks everybody, I'll update this post when I get some more info
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