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2017 CX3 Sport Exhaust Size

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Good morning all

This past weekend I picked up my first Mazda ever! It's a 2017 CX3 Sport. I want to order a new muffler to replace the factory one on the car now. Does anybody know what size diameter I should order so I can just slip it on and weld it solid? Thanks!
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I completely replaced (straight piped) mine from the manifold back with 3 in and it sounds amazing. Still not loud enough in my opinion though.
hell yeah man that's I'm just doing rez back. Picked up and single chamber muffler hope it has a lower grumble.
I've also tried a (cherry bomb extreme) muffler on it and they are designed to bring out the low grumble and hide the higher pitch sounds
1 - 4 of 4 Posts