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Hey Everyone,

Greetings from Australia, I recently bought my partner a 16 CX-3, great car but the only problem is when driving down the highway the air slowly dissapears from the vent until barely anything comes out. Popped the bonnet (hood) and see the main AC line is nice and frozen, and I imagine the condenser will be as well? Only had a brief look.

No idea what would cause this, but anyone else experienced this issue?

Second strange thing/possible contributing is that the temp dial in climate control is very inaccurate. From cold to 3/4 warm, it still blows super cold AC air. Only when the dial is 4/5ths around will it start blowing warm. Possibly contributing to this issue? In the attached pic of temp dial, it is still blowing ice cold AC. (temps in celcius)

I will certainly help and appreciate any recommendations.
In Australia her model is called the stouring, and its between the entry level and high end one.


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