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His guys new to the forum, I hope I am posting this in the correct section. Apologies if not! Need some help, stumped. So a few days ago my GF is driving her 2016 CX-3 (AWD Touring), puts her hazards on and her dash lights up like a Xmas tree. Engine is still running, Power Steering went, Speedometer went. She gets home. I inspect the vehicle and notice when the Automatic Lights kick on, or Headlights... Power Steering goes and dash lights up again with error icons. It gets weirder, left side headlights are out, signal light is dim. So I checked all bulbs signals, parking, headlights etc... they all look good and I swapped them bulbs work. Connectors ARE getting power to each bulb. Rear lights also work one second, don't the next.

I installed a new battery and tested it, fine. Alternator is working generating the proper voltage. When I connected a reader getting codes for...
U0121 (ABS Control Module) Lost communication with ABS Control Module
P0500 (Vehicle Speed Sensor)

I checked every fuse all fine. Relays I didn't swap or check yet. Does this seem like a bad ground somewhere? Bad ECU or computer? Would a faulty Speed Sensor or ABS module cause these issues? Mind you once again, the headlights are both not coming on properly and only when they are activated the dash acts up and power steering goes, speedometer as well.

Busting my brain trying to figure this out, any help would be amazing thank you!
Headlights on, all this pops up and no power steering. Start button flashes amber btw.
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