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Hey gang

Looking for some feedback on rim size. I will keep the stock rims for winter tires, but looking for some summer fun. What fits better: 18 or 19? No, I won't be lowering due to winter weather but I do like the lowered look.

I like the painted white rims to match white paint. Suggestions?


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What's your criteria for "better"?

All else being equal, 19" will be heavier (worse fuel economy, worse ride comfort, worse braking, worse acceleration), have shorter tire sidewalls (worse ride comfort, more prone to damage from potholes/debris), and cost more. You may gain some improvement in handling and grip but the improvement between 18" and 19" would probably only be noticeable on a sports car or race car piloted by a trained driver.

Subjectively, I think 19" will look worse if you don't lower the car, especially if you get them in a bright color that contrasts strongly against the dark color of the tire and empty space under the fender. It'll just serve to highlight the giant gaps under the wheel arches.

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I think it's all up to personal preference. I went with 19's without lowering and couldn't be happier.
I still may pop some springs on it at some point, but the jury is still out on whether it's a good idea with Calgary winters.

The overall diameter is roughly the same as stock 16" (about 2.1% bigger) so there is still almost the same amount of wheel well gap but visually, granted, the larger rim and thinner tire makes the gap a bit more noticeable. Nothing I think about every day however.

I hear what @NotAPreppie is saying and, as suggested, I think the main difference can be in the wheel style as well.
Going darker to blend a little bit with the tire and wheel well, for me, was the way to go.
I agree that a bright colour like white will make only the rims stand out and, by contrast, exaggerate the tire and gap making it look a little odd without lowering.

All in all, if you are all about tweaking the most out of the car performance-wise, you might want to take Preppie's advice and research more.
But if you're out for just something that looks and feels nice in YOUR own opinion, sky's the limit :)

Fore reference, here is my setup:
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