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  1. General Discussion
    Hello Connect my Samsung galaxy s7 via usb cable to usb slot for charging and the radio will play. However, connect to a the cig charger plugin unit and the radio loses signal, unplug radio plays again. Please advise ... Thanks See photos
  2. Electronics and Audio
    Hi! has anyone upgraded the lower trim radio that comes in some markets (see pic) with a used Oem Mazda CX3 touschsreen radio? is it possible? Anything is lost by doing it? Would it work? There’s a few used oem units on ebay. thanks a lot!! Daniel
  3. Electronics and Audio
    I recently bought a 2015 CX3 GTM and loving it so far. The problem I just noticed and can't find an answer to is the following: When listening to the Radio, sounds from my phone connected with bluetooth are not comming through. I would have to place the input on bluetooth in order to do so, but...
1-3 of 3 Results