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  1. LCD Screen went dark

    So last week the LCD screen for the infotrainment & Navigation system went dark. I can barely make out the icons on the home screen, but for practical purposes it's dead. I have the card for the navigation system which I really like. I bought my 2016 as a one owner used car in Sept. 2017. From...
  2. Navigation very slow to start

    Electronics and Audio
    Hi There; Lately my navigation starts getting very slow at first before it localize the car and start giving the indications. Im owning a 2.0SP 2016 CX-3. it takes about 5 to 10mn before start giving the instruction after driving for a moment, when it used to be almost immediate when i start...
  3. SatNav Issues

    Electronics and Audio
    Having had my CX-3 for a bit over a year now, I wondered if any other owners have had issues with the satellite navigation? My specific issues are that it struggles to find some addresses, particularly an address with just a house name and no number, and it really struggles to find rural...
  4. Navigation system sd card

    General Discussion
    Hi, Since our car didn't come with satnav and Mazda doesn't have car play yet, we are considering buying the navigation sd card; they cost $399 at the dealership but I've found it for much less on Amazon; they are also sold on Ebay but I don't really trust Ebay that much for purchases like...
  5. Connected Services and Live traffic updates - Europe

    Electronics and Audio
    I'm facing my first long roadtrip this summer (over 4000 km) and I was wondering if the Naviextras connected services (the ones that provide live traffic updates and gas prices etc.) are worth the cost of almost 100EUR for 3 years? Is it also required to use your phone as a hotspot to get...