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  9. Mazda CX3 Owners Check In Area
    Hi All, Got my Artic White CX- 3 2.0 Auto last week, we also got the MX-5 at the same time. Took the CX-3 on it's first camping trip over the weekend and managed the dirt road really well after deflating the tires from the ridiculous deliver pressure of 3.8 bar to 2.1 bar.
  10. Engines and Technical Discussion
    Just did an engine oil change on the CX-3 AWD after 1,300 miles. The Wrench icon turned up for oil change for some reason, even though we just bought the car. It was saying like 183 miles or so to oil change, pretty much asking to change oil at 1,500 on the ODO. I was already planning to change...
  11. CX-3 News
    Mazda Unveils the CX3 in Los Angeles 2014 LA Auto Show Press Preview Event | Mazda USA ____________________ Mazda CX-3 Press Release Following the Mazda CX-3 world debut, the press release below went live which includes a lot of key information...
  12. General Discussion
    Just a few days ahead of its debut, our spy photographers have grabbed some shots of the new Mazda CX-3 out testing. The CX-3 will sit in between the CX-5 crossover and the Mazda2 subcompact, the car on which it will be based. The most likely candidate for powering the new small crossover is...