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  1. General Discussion
    Hi Everyone, Recently I had imported CX3 - 2018 from Japan and vehicle is great. I am wondering how to change the Mazda Connect voice to English? I have managed to change language under settings which did change the display language but lady voice is still Japanese. Any instructions would be...
  2. Electronics and Audio
    Hi! has anyone upgraded the lower trim radio that comes in some markets (see pic) with a used Oem Mazda CX3 touschsreen radio? is it possible? Anything is lost by doing it? Would it work? There’s a few used oem units on ebay. thanks a lot!! Daniel
  3. Electronics and Audio
    Good day! Four issues: #1 : The Mazda Connect crashes and restarts itself at least 1-2x/day, even when I have nothing else "on" except the radio. I had the car in for routine service, and the dealer updated the system, said it would correct the issue. I left the dealer and, poof, within 15...
1-3 of 3 Results