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  1. Installed Dash & Rear Cam - Not using Mazda Screen

    What Did You Do To Your Mazda CX-3 Today?
    Hi Fellow Mazda Drivers, Finally got around to installing and taking some photos of my DIY. Camera is from Amazon. It was just prefference to have it all on a separate screen, as I like to have things independent. Hard wired it to the passenger-side fuse box (accessory fuse, using a fuse tap so...
  2. Hello CX3 Family, Long time lurker joining the crew

    Hey there, My names Dreizo but most of my friends call me Dre. I have a 2018 Cx-3 AWD in the GS model (Middle tier, no keyless entry, no bose, no leather seats). I did however get the premium package for the red leather trims, and the I-Activesense package for all the blindspot monitoring, heads...
  3. Dashcam Install (BLACKVUE DR650GW-2CH)

    Electronics and Audio
    Hey Guys, Here's a quick write up of how I installed my twin channel Blackvue DR650GW Dash Cam in my CX3. But this install will suit and show info for anyone trying to install a similar dash cam which they want wired into the vehicle instead of using the 12v Socket. Refer to the...