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  2. Greetings from Canada!

    Here is my 2020 CX-3 I got in February.
  3. Mazda cx-3 2020 manual

    Mazda cx-3 2020 manual

  4. AC Condenser Replacement

    General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have a 2016 CX-3 touring that needs a new AC Condenser (it has two large holes in it from rocks apparently) and was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue, and if so, if you know a reliable 3rd party site for purchasing the replacement part? Also would be helpful to know how...
  5. Alternative shocks for rough city roads

    Tires, Wheels, and Suspension
    Greetings All, My CX3 has 41000km on it and the shocks are well worn due to the rough city roads in my area. Pot holes, uneven surfaces. etc. I have not seen much talk about suspension components in the forum. Does anyone have any input on. 1. Is 41000km enough time to wear out a set of...
  6. Humming noise 1-5km/h from rear

    Engines and Technical Discussion
    Scheduling a time next week to bring in my 2017 CX-3 to get it checked out. Issue: - Either in gear or in neutral, there is a slow build-up of humming/whining sound coming from the rear portion of the car (my guess rear diff.) when the vehicle is moving between 1-5km/h or 5-1km/h. There is no...
  7. Need help deciding on wheels and Tires

    Tires, Wheels, and Suspension
    Good day glad to be part of the community can't wait to get some insight from you. I am currently looking at changing the look of my Cx3. I am looking at going for a darker style wheel. I am choosing between 18"x8 and 19"x8.5 which would you go for? My car has the stock 16" wheels by the way...
  8. Hello CX3 Family, Long time lurker joining the crew

    Hey there, My names Dreizo but most of my friends call me Dre. I have a 2018 Cx-3 AWD in the GS model (Middle tier, no keyless entry, no bose, no leather seats). I did however get the premium package for the red leather trims, and the I-Activesense package for all the blindspot monitoring, heads...
  9. 2015 CX3 S Touring Power Folding Mirrors

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, I recently picked up an 18 month old sTouring and was very surprised when I got home to find out that it doesn't have power folding mirrors... my last car (1998 Nissan Primera) had this. The mind boggles why a car that's 17 years newer does not have this feature... anyway. Has...
  10. New Horn installation

    Hi - anybody can help I'd appreciate it. I don't like the single horn so I purchased a pair of 400hz/500hz horns and am at the start of the installation. I need to remove the top plastic under the hood that covers the horns and I don't want to remove the entire front bumper. I've remove the...
  11. Hi from Johannesburg, South Africa

    Mazda CX3 Owners Check In Area
    Hi All, Got my Artic White CX- 3 2.0 Auto last week, we also got the MX-5 at the same time. Took the CX-3 on it's first camping trip over the weekend and managed the dirt road really well after deflating the tires from the ridiculous deliver pressure of 3.8 bar to 2.1 bar.
  12. Hello from the Isle of Man!

    Hi Folks, Just wanted to introduced myself and say hello to this friendly community of Mazda lovers. I'm Matt, I'm 32 from the UK, although living on the Isle of Man for the last few years. My family have a history of owning Mazda's, so when looking to purchase my 1st car, I leaned very...
  13. CX3 arriving to Seattle port on 07/09

    General Discussion
    CX3 arriving to Seattle port around ~ July 12 Just talked to Mazda Dealer in Seattle. CX3 is expected to arrive to Seattle Port around ~ July 12. Dealer is expecting the vehicle to be available at dealership once procedures are completed (3rd or 4th week of July). I am interested in the GT...