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  1. A/C compressor not turning

    Engines and Technical Discussion
    Last Dec, I bought a pre-owned 2016 CX3. Now that it's warm, I noticed that the A/C doesn't work. Opening up the hood, the compressor does not turn when the A/C is turned on. I checked the fuses, they're good. The refrigerant is full (tried to add more and couldn't). There aren't any grinding or...
  2. How to replace leaking air compressor?

    Engines and Technical Discussion
    My A/C stopped working and the dealer found the issue is caused by leaking compressor. I am a second owner and the leak is likely due to an accident the previous owner had. I do not have a warranty anymore, and I was quoted $1,100+tax for the parts and work. I am thinking to buy a used or new...
  3. How to turn off the A/C compressor?

    Engines and Technical Discussion
    I just realized the A/C compressor is running 24/7 on and off as if I had the A/C on but actually it is off just the vent is on. Nothing changes when I turn the A/C on and switch it back off. As long as the vent is on 1-2-3 the compressor is turning on and off in every 15 seconds. Pretty...