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chrissyh3 10-09-2018 03:18 AM

Mazda 3 HB vs CX 3
I've had a '06 Mazda 3 sedan since it was new and am looking for a new (used) one. I really like the HB and was set on getting that until I stumbled on a CX-3, which I had never payed much attention to. I'd love to hear pros/ cons between the two (other than smaller cargo in the CX-3). I'm single with occasional passengers. Thx!

SlyCoopers 10-09-2018 03:35 AM

Biggest pro for me was fuel efficient all wheel drive. I was impressed by its responsiveness to adapting to snowy/ice situations than a jeep or subaru would. While other people may have other things to say about it such as it looks nice or competitive price etc, to me this was the main factor in my decision for getting it. Its probably worth mentioning that in 2016 model year, awd was not available on the base model, not sure if that is still the case but its highly recommended that you get the awd version. There is a distinct responsiveness and feel of stability as I drive the cx-3 vs the loaner mazda 3 and 6 I used from my dealer.

Cons right off the bat is going to be space, not just the cargo space but also interior. A lot of have complained that the car is too cramped in driver/passenger area and definitly in rear. The seat is horrendous on your neck if you are going on hours long roadtrips etc. Unfortunatly I cant speak much for the mazda 3. Every car is going to have tsb's and issues here and there but my cx-3 hasent done anything too drastic that wasent easily remedied.

Strange bit of information I learned a while back and this has probably changed now but Im pretty sure someone did a comparison and the mazda 3 (or 6?) actually had more ground clearance than the cx-3. It may look like a higher clearance car but the black trim on the cx3 is misleading to the eye. Best of luck in your search.

Edit: Cant forget the most important thing that plagues new owners who didnt do research, the arm rest. It covers the cup holders but I got used to working around it and for me its easier to use the knobs with the arm rest down. This definitly takes getting used to and should not be overlooked when deciding cars.

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