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What Do You Like About The CX-3?

The Mazda Cx-3 is a fun and feisty vehicle, pairing taut handling with an edgy style that extends to the interior too.
Car And Driver seems to be a fan of it if the 5 stars is anything to go by.

But what is it about the CX-3 that drew you in?
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Old 11-26-2015, 12:33 AM
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I was in the market for something in the 25-30k zone. Ive always favoured hatches over everything else, and if this hadn't grabbed me, I would have a Veloster or a Mini right now. But I still remember the first day I saw the CX3, I was at the VW dealership next to Mazda, and was looking at what price point the GTI started at, which was out of my range, and saw Mazda next door unloading CX3's off the truck and thought "Wow, what are those". Went over, chatted with the salesman, explained about it, a couple months later called up the salesman, and he sold me my CX3.

I liked the aggressive, sporty look to it. The lines all over were perfect, and it really looked and felt like a hatch instead of a cuv. Its quick, sounds great, and its a Mazda, which for awhile now has been a top notch company, so I said why not. It also pulled me away from getting a hot hatch instead, I think that says enough.
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it doesn't look as dull and common as all the rest of the options in this segment.
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Old 11-27-2015, 09:08 PM
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Was originally attracted to the 2010 mazda 3 and wanted a Mazda since then but yea, I was broke back then. That's ok, the CX-3 looks a lot better anyways.
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The way it looks. It's "sporty" feel and handling. That I haven't seen anyone else driving one yet. The Dynamic Blue color that really pops. The toggle switch for the screen. The leatherette seats and leather wrapped steering wheel. Heated seats. That no one has beat me off the line of the stop light yet! :-), The firm steering and added weight of the AWD version.
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Old 11-28-2015, 05:16 PM
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Coming from a subcompact hatch, I wanted something with AWD and newer toys (ooooh shiny!). Going to a Mazda3 didn't have enough reason to upgrade, and a CX-5 was too big for me. I love small cars so I was thinking about the Mazda2 when the CX-3 was announce and knew that was it.

After that, all the premium touches in the CX-3 really won me over the competitors. And becuase Mazda.
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Its a great looking and great driving CUV, the best in the market. While the competitors seem to be concerned with giving it as much space as possible to make it "practical" and making their CUVs ugly in the process, Mazda went for what the CUV should be about: Sporty and beautiful. Cargo space should be the least concern in a CUV, I mean if you want a spacious car, you're looking in the wrong class and should be looking at the CX-5 or CR-V or another one of those family-friendly boring SUVs.

If Mazda never made the CX-3, I never would've even contemplated buying a CUV. I mean just look at the competitors, they're butt ugly. The HR-V looks like an egg on 4 bicycle wheels. And have you seen the Chevy Trax? LOL! I wouldn't drive that if they paid me.

Also, the CX-3 won Yahoo Autos 2016 Savvy Ride of the Year and just lost out the overall Ride of the Year to the far more expensive Volvo XC90. The three finalists were the CX-3, the Miata, and XC90.
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I did a video of my favorite things/reasons for buying:

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I really like the fuel consumption and on the highway the numbers keep going lower. Although not a huge selling point now since gas prices have come down if gas went up again it is good to know the car is fuel efficient.
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