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I like sports mode...that's right, I said it.

I like sports mode. I like to always be in it. I'm probably one of the few.

My question is, am I hurting the vehicle in anyway? Will it hurt the vehicle to always be in the high rpms? Will it shorten the life of the engine? I know it runs hotter when I drive in sports mode, is this an issue?

I don't care about gas, I know the mileage won't be as good. Makes no difference to me.

I just want to be in sports mode. I would probably marry sports mode if I could. I told my wife, when I am in sports mode, don't talk to me.

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"I like sports mode, if I could marry sports mode, I would."
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You sound like you want to have a manual shift car instead haha. Aside from gas and such the only gripe I have about sports mode is more wear on the transmission theoretically. One of the reasons I bought the cx3 was because it was one of the few in its class that did not have a cvt (horrendous failure rate in earlier nissans) transmission and had low torque, which to me, helps ensure longevity in transmission assuming everything else is constant. Anyone who has substaintially increased performance in vehicles can tell you that torque kills parts if things are not reinforced or replaced with more durable things (like clutch, pistons, rings, etc for example). In this case I see sports mode as something that makes you drive more like a "sports car" which implies harder/faster launches(start from complete stop), higher rev ranges, and hard shifts. While this car is not really comparable to a corvette in anysense the same principal applies to all cars. Starting harder from a complete stop is going to put wear on drivetrain. Is it going to be considerable wear? who knows :/ But wear will occur regardless if you are in sport mode or not. But since this is a setting which inspires more spirited driving I would presume it increases this condition. This is also why stop/go traffic is considered to cause more wear on a car as opposed to something that only has "highway miles". Higher rev ranges is putting more pressure on the engine components and drive train to keep up with the "power" produced. Lower gear = more tq as well. So flooring it in sport mode from a stop into high revranges and then the transmission drops it into second after questionable rpm's are reached, is even worse than the individual occurances by themselves.

Sure the cx-3 does not have alot of torque as a racecar would but it is important to realize that not all of the torque and hp is being generated most of the time. Sports mode, I see as a metric to easier reach the higher tq and hp the car offers which will inturn increase wear on a car. It is a fact of automotive engineering unfortunatly.

This isnt me saying that you are killing your car and that it will fail in a week or anything like that lol its just a little insight on some effects of engine tq. For example even being in non sport mode, and flooring it everywhere would still cause wear regardless of what setting the car is in. Its all a gamble really that depends on driving style and hoping you won the factory part lottery (something that wont fail because its a faulty part).

Im also half asleep and overtired so idk how accurate I am writing right now haha.

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In theory, yes. Wear occurs as a function of friction surfaces rubbing against each other. The more times a piston ring moves up and down in the cylinder or a cam lobe passes over valve, the more wear you get.

That said, if you keep up with maintenance, it probably won't make a huge difference. Odds are a manufacturing defect or problem with the interface between the steering wheel and driver seat will cause more damage than driving spiritedly.

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I tried sports mode for the first time. I have around 700 Km on my new cx3.

I found that I couldn't drive normally. The gears would just run out to long.
But when I put the foot down and drove like a hoon. WOW!!. They should call it hoon mode

My spell checker didn't like Hoon. Thought I better look it up on an Internet dictionary, as this is an international forum and I might not be understood.

Australian and New Zealand informal a Hooligan.

So anyway, yeah. This is wild. I think I understand what it's all about now.
I'll be back for more of this. A 63 year old hoon. I thought those days were long gone, when I gave up motor bike's many years ago.
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