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Magnetic drain plug for CX-3

Ok, picked up the mag drain plug today. The other day I was at the dealer and bought a regular hex head drain plug from them and was able to x-reference that plug to an aftk. mag plug.

Just to reiterate, oil pan drain plug is a M14x1.5mm. The mag plug I got is made by Dorman Products part #65216 as shown in the pic below:

This pic is a side by side look at the Dorman plug and the OE Mazda plug (used to replace the factory allen head drain plug from the factory).

edit: I must app pla gize for the fact that my pic hosting site decided to rotate the above image 90 degrees to the left from it's intend orientation for optimal viewing.

Yes, the threaded area is longer than factory but that will not be a concern since there is nothing inside the pan that will prevent you from threading the plug all the way in. Do continue to use a Mazda crush washer and NOT the stupid plastic one that comes with the mag plug (frisbee that guy into the circular file cabinet please).

First oil change will be later this week and the mag plug will be installed, the following oil change I will take a pic after I pull the plug and show what filings it will catch.

Now I have a rant (sorta long). I found out all this info so after work today I start calling some places. Before working at my current job (now going 10+ years) I had worked in the auto industry at a car dealership as a parts technician for over 18 years so yes I think I know my stuff when it comes to parts and cars.

I still have contacts in the parts field so I checked in with a few of them re: the mag plug, gave them the part # and everything and while my old friends were helpful they could not get me what I wanted.

Plan B...............check the regular Joe Q public parts places. I called one of them since years before I had gotten a mag drain plug for my Shelby (pulled the plug during an oil change, made my way there and the parts guy there gave me a bin full of mag plugs and I matched one up that worked), I was expecting the same thing once I found out they had one on the phone before making my way over there.

So I get this guy on the phone, I gave him the part #, he punches it in his computer and he comes back with the # doesn't work in his system BS. I thought that was odd. I gave him the alternate # and he tries that and it still doesn't work. So I describe to him what I'm looking for (I tell him mag drain plug M14x1.5mm etc etc etc) and he tells me he doesn't know what that is. Now I'm getting quite a bit annoyed, you work in a parts dept and you tell the customer who basically did your job for you what they are looking for and you can't help the customer.........that's messed up.

I get a bit irate and we start going back and forth with him telling me how he knows everything about cars and parts and I'm telling him my experience yada yada yada and you basically know jack shit after I give you all the info and you still don't know what I'm looking for etc etc etc.

He then puts me on hold after he tells me he is going to speak to the manager about that item and leaves the phone on the counter. I could then hear him helping other customers and not really dealing with my inquiry, so I put my phone on speaker and wait (this went on for 30+ minutes).

This particular place is only a 5 min drive from my house and since we had to leave anyways to go get the car I decided to head there and cause a freak fest. The GF kept tabs on the phone the whole time I was driving there. Once we were in the parking lot another gentleman picks up the phone and asks if we have been helped. I then tell him about the idiot that doesn't know anything about parts and putting me on hold and not being helpful that kind of thing............................I finally told him what I was looking for and in 2 secs he had the part on his screen but since he didn't have stock he located one for me at another store 10 mins away.

I went inside to see who the real parts pro was and to confront to f-ing loser pretend parts yahoo. I thanked the real dude and layed into the other guy. I reminded him that maybe he forgot that someone was waiting on the phone that YOU put on hold and it isn't nice and professional for someone to wait over 30 minutes (I showed him the call time on my cell phone) and again I told him to go back to school and relearn your job (yes I was getting a little mean but the guy deserved it). He's lucky I didn't speak to the manager about his lack of job skill to be doing this job.

He comes back with "I've been here all day helping lots of customers etc etc".................yeah I feel sorry for you (not) I've been there done that tons of times and I've never left any customer hanging because I didn't know how to do my job. I also reminded him how quick his co worker pro was able to find me the part I wanted and you couldn't so basically I told him off and that was that.

I thanked the other guy again and headed to the other place and got the plug. So fricking annoying when people that should know their jobs don't do their jobs properly. Rant off.

So back to the topic at hand, a mag drain plug is always a good idea. It shows you generally the health of your engine based on what gets attracted to the magnet floating around in the oil. Short of an oil analysis this is the next best thing to have on any engine.


T. Chan
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Note to self. Don’t irritate Tony or he will turn up at my door wanting something other than a brew.
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Originally Posted by anchorman View Post
Note to self. Donít irritate Tony or he will turn up at my door wanting something other than a brew.
At least you have an entire ocean separating you from him. I only have a firmly agreed upon political boundary protecting me.
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Ha ha no worries fellow CX-3 er's................I'd be happy to buy you a pint anytime if our paths ever cross anchorman.

Preppie dude, I love the US I usually head over to Buffalo 2-3 times every couple months for auto parts at good prices and chicken wings. We'll get together for a deep dish pizza next time I visit Chi town (visited couple years ago).

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First oil change done and mag drain plug is in.
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Good story Cman. I too have a strong dislike for poor customer service. I would have handled it exactly the same way. Well done.

Good Grammar is not a time of waste.

CX-3 Petrol
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