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Question Symptoms of AC issue?

Hello all,

Its almost close to the end of warranty time for me so now I am probably extra paranoid about substantial parts going down on me and being left to handle repairs on my own dime. One occurance that kept popping up every now and then was the AC evaporator (maybe more?) issue which needs replacing in quite a few mazdas but is not under recall. This morning I begin to notice that my windshield defroster/fogger etc was making an unusual sound that sounds like an awkward pitch SHHHHH metallic sound but only heard when radio is off and such. I honestly cant remember if this has always been the case and would appreciate if someone could confirm this sort of sound when turning on the front windshield defogger, low fan and med temp setting.

To make my paranoia worse I decided to turn on the AC when I got home to see if I could reproduce the SHHH sound and it did repeat momentarily when the AC came on. To make matters worse the car was then not cooling, not sure if the medium heat setting warmed up the internal track of the vents to the point that after 3 minutes the ac was still not blowing cold air (unlikely) or my ac suddenly decided to fail randomly. Im almost certain that there is something wrong with the AC system at this point and with my luck it will probably start working tomorrow when the dealer opens so I wouldnt be able to reproduce it.

So this brings me to my question, what symptoms would be expected if this was the AC evaporator issue?
Besides "theres no cold air obviously", im looking for identifiable noise, smells, certain settings causing certain sounds etc.
Thank you all in advance

(I realize this is somewhat of a stupid question but AC systems (and Dexcool cooling systems) are probably the only things left on a vehicle that I have not had any experience with replacing/dismantling mainly because I tend to avoid anything that is pressurized)

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