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Really torn on the idea since I love that theyre trying to make products like this for the cx3 but on the otherhand the biggest bottleneck ends up being the super fragile front bumper. By the time you hit something that would be scraping(and hopefully clearing the front bumper) damage would already be done else where to the point the bottom skid plate wouldnt really be doing much work. Im also skeptical of the mounting points, I havent seen an actual installation guide for it but I feel like this has a chance of being a decorative piece instead of actually bolted onto the car to survive damage. Again even when considering the "damage" that the plate might protect against, chances are the front bumper and the black plastic side fender trim is wrecked by then.

Now if we got a lift kit or something like that it might be a different story but still the bumper is the most likely point of impact even if its just the lip.

"Every car has factory-made screw holes for fitting the skid plate, making mounting very easy . You can either do it yourself or at any auto-service point."

Judging by this it seems like it would be replacing the plastic panel we have down there using its mounting holes. The use for that is pretty much "aerodynamics" and keeping stuff from splashing up/dirtying the engine bay etc. Damage protection isnt going to be much there. If you look at jeeps or even nissan xterras, there are some fully metal bumpers for those but weigh a ton(not an actual ton) and are the only thing that would provide protection, unless you hack up the front bumper for higher clearance but then need to reinforce radiator etc and go down the rest of the underbody reinforcing things. As you can imagine going down this path needs a lot of work, planning, dedication, and funding to actually do it right for usability, which at that point you have to ask yourself if the money spent is worth the benefits. This is a question I ask myself daily on all planned car mods for both cars haha.

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